Pete Fraser

I am a sales professional born and raised in Melbourne who currently specialises in Cyber-security. I have a passion for Technology, People and the Environment.

I am also a first-generation farmer (of sorts) who is trying to make sense of my place in this world and work out how I can make sure I help heal the land, rather than destroy it.

I live in the amazing Macedon Ranges on 10 acres and love everything about the region and the people who make it special.

Before all of the above, however, I am a father and husband and love that role in life more than anything else.

Much Love, Stay Safe!


What I do


I am an experienced sales professional with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding sales targets. I have a background in Sales Engineering and strong technical knowledge which puts me in a unique position to sell and deliver the right solution for my clients requirements


Let's be honest, I am a bit of a nerd, most of my career has been spent a sales engineer and because of this I know what it takes to design, sell and deliver products and services that suits the client's needs.


With a passion for health and fitness, I figure the best place to start is with what we eat. I am a first generation small acerage farmer. I focus on regenerative practices which mean I put back more than I take out.


My love for all things broad and varied and my love of a good chat meant that podcasting was a natural thing I would get ingo. It is the perfect extension to my personality. Check out This Local Life and #two-voices for more!



Core Sales Strengths

Relationship Management

Excellent relationship management, internally and throughout the channel

Vendor and Distribution

Excellent understanding of channel, vendor and distribution relationships.

Forecasting and Sales Management

Strong understanding of forecasting and sales methodologies.


Motivated to achieve high success against sales quota and targets.

Team Player

Excellent understanding of BDM, AM / CAM Roles that Sales Engineers assist.


Inquisitive nature when it comes to new emerging technologies across all spaces.

Core Engineering Strengths

Deep Understanding

Deep knowledge of networking and security concepts

Cloud Ready

Proficient in all major cloud stacks

Threat Knowledge

Knowledge of the security landscape and threat information.

Programming Capabilities

Basic understanding of programing and scripting languages.

Eye for the future

Keen eye for whats on the horizon when it comes to technology.

Deep love of technology!

The future depends on technology and it will need highly trained sales people to sell it.

2015 - Current
WatchGuard Technologies

Senior Sales Engineer

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide excellent technical support and backup to the TAM and CAM Team.

  • Respond to RFP’s and tender requests with a high level of detail to lead to successful sales

  • Build security frameworks to assist the channel in winning deals.

  • Meet and exceed sales quotas and targets.

  • Build, develop and deliver keynote presentations to large audiences on the subject of security and business best practice.

  • Work with senior management to build and deliver a pipeline and forecast that is accurate and achievable.

  • Keep up to date with the fast-evolving security space from a technical perspective.

  • Be a technical evangelist for the large product portfolio maintained at WatchGuard.

Key Achievements:

  • Top 20% of Sales, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Awarded Presidents Club 2017, 2018, 2019

  • Sales Engineer of the Year APAC: 2017, 2019

  • Double digit growth in my territory three years running.

  • Appointment to Senior Sales Engineer APAC

  • Primary Guest Speaker for events on behalf of ANZ

  • Built a very strong reseller network where I am seen as a trusted advisor regarding general technology, not just security

2008 - 2015
Schepisi Communications

Voice and Data Specialist / IT Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Providing technical pre-sales advice to the national pre-sales team on the full product suite particularly in tender responses to ensure they are complete and achievable and that customers technical requirements are met.

  • Head technician providing support to both customers and the internal technical team to implement the products sold under the Schepisi portfolio.

  • Partner with the internal senior management team to develop, implement and support the national IT infrastructure.

  • Partner with Telstra on large enterprise and government customers to implement Unified Communications across a number of technologies including, but not limited to, mobility, voice, video and data.

  • Develop and train staff and customers on new products.

Key Achievements:     

  • Designed and implemented a national telephone system across 5 sights with complex IVRs and call routing while assisting a third party carriage vendor in implementing structured QOS and network routing for a national travel agent.

  • Designed and implemented a sixty-seat contact centre with full telephone banking integration including carriage network, local network and branch office telephony system for a large credit union.

  • Championed and implemented a new help desk ticketing system for the technical department leading to greater accountability of staff hours, increased support level and statistics/reporting provided to customers and management.

2012 -2016


WebSafetyNet was an Australian owned and developed education network spcialising inthe development of educational material and products that assist parents in providing a cleaner, safer and more friendly internet experience for their kids.

Our Cleanfeed service was aimed at providing parents with the tools they needed to provide a clean internet experience to their kids by allowing them to:

  • Turn on or off the internet on devices.
  • Schedule when the Internet was available.
  • Block inappropriate content.
  • Report on usage.

Project Status:

After 4 years working on WebSafetyNet we decided to focus our time and energy elsewhere. While a shame to work on a project for so long and not get it off the ground I wouldn't be the first person in this position. What is important is what you learn from the experience. Here are some of the things I learnt along the way:

  • Linux development and architecture.
  • Deep understanding of firewalls and networking in Linux environments.
  • Listen to your devs.
  • Products can be released without being perfect. Users provide feedback, feedback makes things work. No users, no feedback.
  • Limited capital means limited input.
  • Limited input means limited output.
  • Don't let your pride get in the way of releasing a product. Nothing will be perfect first





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Keep Fit

Move, run, walk, lift, swing, just get up and about.


Push yourself further and harder than last time.


Celebrate the wins, loses and the journey.

The best gift I can give my family and friends is my health, wellness and longevity.

Pete Fraser


By regenerating ecosystems and focusing on soil health and fertility we can make massive steps towards a carbon neutral future.


Teach people to love the world so our children will have the chance to love what we leave them.


Respect what we have so that we don't lose it.

The best thing I can do for the world is to learn how to regenerate it!

Pete Fraser


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